Graduate Scholar Publications/Honors

Parsons, Anne E. Department of History, Institute for the Humanities Dissertation Fellow 2011-2012
“From Asylum to Prison: The Story of Lincoln, Illinois,” Journal of Illinois History 15 (Winter 2011 [2012]).
“When the Erotic Becomes Illicit: Struggles over Displaying Queer History at a Mainstream Museum,” co-authored with Jill Austin, Jennifer Brier, and Jessica Herczeg-Konecny, Radical History Review 113 (Spring 2012).

Das, Smita. Department of English, Institute for the Humanities Dissertation Fellow 2012-2013 “Subjecting Pleasure Claude McKay’s Narratives of Transracial Desire.” Journal of Black Studies 44.7 (2013): 706-724.

Zycherman, Ariela. Post-Doctoral Fellow 2013-2014 “Public and private dimensions of a birthday party: Politics, economics, and food in an Amazonian
community.” Food and Foodways, 24:3-4, 153-172.

Vatansever, Saniye. Department of Philosophy. Dissertation Fellow 2014-2015 “Kant’s Response to Hume in the Second Analogy: A Critique of Buchdahl’s and Friedman’s
Accounts." The Journal of the International Society of the History of Philosophy of Science, 2016.


D’Alessandro, William. Resident Graduate Scholar 2016-2017. Recently published "Explanation in mathematics: proof and practice" in Philosophy Compass. Awarded American Philosophy Association 2019 Routledge, Taylor & Francis Prize for article “Viewing - as explanation and ontic dependence” (published in Philosophical Studies in 2018).

James. Lisa. Resident Graduate Scholar 2016-2017. Named UIC Deans' Scholar 2017-2018

Marshall, Lindsay. Resident Graduate Scholar 2016-2017 Published article in Jacobin; received fellowship from The Association for Canadian Studies in the U.S.

Korn, Jenny. ReWrite May 2016. Outstanding Book Chapter Award from the African American Communication and Culture Division of the National Communication Association, November 2017. Additionally, she is among 20 scholars selected to receive a fellowship from The Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University.


Aviral Pathak. Resident Graduate Fellow 2017-2018. Awarded Society for Business Ethics Founders' Award for promising PhD students in the field of business ethics, included in SBE 2018 cohort of Emerging Scholars.

Soriano, Tim. Resident Graduate Scholar 2016-2017. Newberry Library Graduate Scholar-in-Residence Program for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Manamee Guha, Department of History. Resident Graduate Scholar 2018-2019. Defended dissertation, October 2019: “Performing Britishness: The Club as a Representation of Power in Colonial Calcutta (1827-1947)”