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Digital Humanities Initiative

Digital Humanities deploys computer-assisted technologies in humanities research. It enables scholars to explore new subjects for their research, develop and use new tools to undertake innovative research in existing subject areas, reach new audiences beyond the university, and use new platforms for their work.  The Digital Humanities Initiative at UIC furthers these goals. It is a collaborative effort between the UIC Institute for the Humanities and the UIC Library, initially supported by generous grants from the President of the University of Illinois. Please visit the DHI site to see resources and projects: Many Digital Humanities events can be seen on DHI's YouTube Channel.

Originating as a Working Group at the Institute, the Digital Humanities Initiative flourished with initial funding from two generous grants from the President of the University of Illinois. The Initiative currently focuses on providing hands-on training in the use of digital tools and platforms; running workshops for students and faculty; organizing national conferences to explore new dimensions of DH scholarship; and provide technical support through the UIC Library’s experienced staff and Digital Scholarship Hub.

Those wishing to consult on DH projects can contact the current director. Events associated with the Initiative are advertised on the DHI and Institute websites.