Humanities Frontiers

Dear UIC Humanities Colleagues,

Are there new issues in your field that you would like to explore in depth? Are there scholars whose work you would like to discuss or debate? Are there colleagues in your field with whom you would welcome the opportunity for an in-depth conversation?  Are there a number of scholars working on common or related issues whose work could be enhanced by the opportunity to talk with one other?

The Institute for the Humanities is excited to announce a Call for Proposals: “Humanities Frontiers” (formerly “Cutting Edge Issues in the Humanities”). 

The Institute will sponsor two workshops of 12 to 20 invited participants (we hope to schedule one in spring 2020 and one in fall 2020) focused on current conversations and debates in the humanities.  We envision these as focused discussions of cutting edge issues, theoretical problems, new research initiatives, or new methodologies.  Each workshop will combine UIC faculty and advanced graduate students with invited scholars.

We invite UIC Humanities faculty members to submit proposals for these “Humanities Frontiers” workshops.   The proposal should give a brief (one page) description of the problem or issue to be discussed and a list of potential participants both at UIC and at other universities (ideally, these should people who have already been contacted and expressed interest).   The workshops will be scheduled during the spring and fall semesters, 2020. Please indicate some potential dates in your proposal.   Proposals should be submitted via email to by October 1, 2019.

Workshops can have panels and commentators or a series of single presentations with comments.  We would prefer proposals that ask organizers and participants to circulate papers, readings, and/or comments in advance. The idea is to sustain a vigorous conversation among all participants. One portion of the workshop’s programming (a lecture or roundtable discussion, for instance) should be open to the public.

We anticipate funding up to two workshops during 2020 at the level of $5,000.  This amount would, for example, support inviting three non-UIC participants from outside the Chicago area [but in the US] and include two hotel nights.  Coffee, one lunch and one dinner are included in the estimate. If an honorarium is required for a public lecture, this would be included in the total budget; workshop organizers may need to obtain additional funding from their own departments or other units on campus if they far exceed the funding allowance from the Institute.  We stress that at this point, however, an itemized budget is not necessary: we only seek inventive workshop proposals.

Proposals should be submitted via email to  by October 1, 2019.

Mark Canuel, Director, Institute for the Humanities and
Professor, Department of English
University of Illinois at Chicago

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