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2017 Re:Write participants

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five; ReWrite Pics

From Left to Right (Above Photo): 
Melissa Hibbard (Writing Coach), Deephi Murali (Art History), Aviral Pathak (Political Science), Christina Mekonen (Germanic Studies), Francesco Pesci (Philosophy), Rebecca Bivens (Art History), Paige Sweet (Sociology), Jody Ahlm (Sociology), Karen Greenwalt (Art History)

Not pictured: Douglas Smit (Anthropology), Gail Werblood (Disability Studies)

two; ReWrite

From left to right (Above Photo):
Aviral Pathak (Political Science), Paige Sweet (Sociology), Christina Mekonen (Germanic Studies (front)), Jody Ahlm (Sociology  (back)), Francesco Pesci (Philosophy), Rebecca Bivens (Art History), Deephi Murali (Art History), Karen Greenwalt (Art History), Melissa Hibbard (Writing Coach)

Not Pictured:  Douglas Smit (Anthropology), Gail Werblood (Disability Studies)


A week-long writing retreat for doctoral students in the humanities
May 8-12, 2017





who clean

ReWrite is free to UIC humanities graduate students who are in the writing stage of their dissertation work. 

Preference will be given to those have not participated in a ReWrite retreat.

Are you looking for: 
- Time
- Space
- Resources
- Support to develop and improve your writing practice

The retreat includes comfortable writing space along with office facilities including printing and copying.  Participants will receive delicious breakfast and snacks, daily meetings with a writing coach, and either companionship or solitude as they work through the week.

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Apply for ReWrite

1. Cover sheet [pdf]
2. Tentative dissertation title and 500 word description of your dissertation topic.
3. A chapter outline and brief statement of progress.   
4. What you hope to accomplish during Re:Write 
5. Submit EITHER one pdf to huminst@uic.edu, OR deliver hard copy to the Institute for the Humanities, lower level Stevenson Hall, M/C 206

Application process opens March 27, 2017
Applications will be accepted until ReWrite is full.

Preference will be given to those have not participated in a ReWrite retreat.

Participants will be required to provide a check for $75.  The check will be refunded upon completion of the program.  


when and where

RE: Write sessions are 9-5, Monday-Friday May 8-12, 2017 in the Institute for the Humanities.  You will be given a comfortable space and the opportunity to focus solely on your writing with the support of fellow students in a structured environment. 

Daily Schedule and accountability

You will be able to set goals, monitor your work progress, and check in with a writing partner each day.  In addition, you will be able to meet with a writing coach and participate in group activities if you wish.

Re:Write Space

Re:Write will take place at the UIC Institute for the Humanities.  Our space provides varied writing centers including secluded offices or more open couches or communal tables.  You choose the environment that suits your writing needs. Bring your laptop, charger, headphones, a bag lunch, and any research materials you need in order to write.


Through the week we offer:

- A delicious breakfast, coffee/tea and snacks all day
- A communal lunch on the first day
-Daily meetings with a writing coach for all first-time ReWrite participants
- UIC wireless access
- Printing and copying 
- Space to store personal belongings.
- A community of UIC scholars who are writing




Visit Us:
Institute for the Humanities (MC206)
701 South Morgan, Lower Level / Stevenson Hall
Chicago, IL 60607-7040

Phone (312) 996-6352   Fax (312) 996-2938
Email huminst@uic.edu

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