UIC Institute for the Humanities

LAS Dean's Award for Faculty Research
Faculty Research Awards: Spring 2017 Competition

Lennard Davis, Department of English/Disability and Human Development, "Representing the Poor"

Molly Doane & Emily Minor, Department of Anthropology Biology, "Cultivating Wellbeing: The Social, Ecologial and Health effects of Urban Gardens in Chicago"

Anna Guevara & Gayatri Reddy, Department of Global Asian Studies & GWS and Anthropology, "'Sumbingtik': Tracing Subaltern "Indian" Narratives in the Making of Modern Philippines"

Cedric Johnson, Department of AAST/Poltical Science, "Before the Crisis: The Making of Harold Cruse"

Michael Jin, Department of Global Asian Studies, "The Unredressed and the Unforgiven: American   Atomic Bomb Survivors and the Politics of Reparations in the Cold War Pacific"

Ronak Kapadia, Depart of GWS/ Global Asian Studies/ Museum & Exhibition Studies, "Insurgent Aesthetics: Race Security, and the Sensorial Life of Empire"

Nadine Naber, Department of GWS / Global Asian Studies, "Gender and Sexuality at the Crossroads of Sectarianism:  Feminist and LGBTQ Movements in Lebanon"

Dianna Niebylski, Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies, "The Complex Role of the Musical Score in Argentine Films on the Aftershocks of the Dirty War"

Lorenzo Perillo, Department of Global Asian Studies, "Postcolonial Choreographies: Deciphering Filipino Hip-Hop and Performance"

Kim Potowski, Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies, "Linguistic erasures and brownface: Span(gl)ish in mainstream television"

Robin Reames, Department of English, "Rhetoric of Improvisation: Ancient and Contemporary Arts of Originality"

Joseph Tabbi, Department of English, "A Gathering of Essays for the electronic book reviewand entries for Electronic Literature Directory"

Yue Zhang, Department of Political Science, "State and Informal Urbanization: Slum Redevelopment in Mumbai"

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