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LAS Dean's Award for Faculty Research  
Faculty Research Awards:  Spring 2016 Competition

Sunil Agnani, Department of English and History, “Overcoming Resentment: Enlightenment Thought and the Impasses of Decolonization”

Xóchitl Bada, Department of Latino and Latin American Studies, “An Oral History Project of Chicago's Mexican Hometown Associations”

Brian Bauer, Department of Anthropology, “The Lord of Vilcabamba”

Jennifer Brier, Department of Gender & Women's Studies; History, “History Moves Goes Digital: Developing Models for Collaborative History Curation on the Web”

Hui-Ching Chang, Department of Communication, "Crazed with the Love of the Light" : Refracting Taiwan's Democracy Through the Sunflower Movement”

Jonathan Daly, Department of History, “Richard Pipes: "Reagan's Dr. Strangelove?"”

Malgorzata Fidelis, Department of History, “The Sixties behind the Iron Curtain: Youth and the Global Sixties in Poland, 1954-1976”

Anne Eaton, Department of Philosophy, “Topics in Feminist Aesthetics”

Lisa Freeman, Department of English, “Antitheatricality and the Body Public”

Rosilie Hernández, Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies, “Performing the Immaculate Conception: The Virgin as a Character in the Spanish Comedia”

Norma Claire Moruzzi, Department of Political Science & GWS, “International Society for Iranian Studies: Conference attendance”

Christina Pugh, Department of English, “Prosopopoeia: The Throwing of a Voice”

Dianna Niebylski, Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies, “Suppressed Laughter, Humorless Sex: A Sobering History”

Robin Reames, Department of English, “Plato's Rhetorical Theory”

Heidi Schlipphacke, Department of Germanic Studies, “Sissi's World: The Empress Elisabeth in Memory and Myth”

Sally Sedgwick, Daniel Sutherland, John Whipple, Department of Philosophy, “Kant and Leibniz on Substance”

Joseph Tabbi, Department of English, “A Gathering of Essays from the electronic book review”

Sultan Tepe, Department of Political Science, “From Protest to Support: Paradoxical Resiliency of Competitive Authoritarian Regimes”

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