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LAS Dean's Award for Faculty Research  
Faculty Research Awards:  Jan 2015 Competition


Jonathan Daly, History Department, "Triumph over the Peasantry:  Forced Collectivization in the USSR, 1929-33"

Rachel Havrelock, English Department, “Pipeline:  The Transport of Oil and the Making of the Modern Middle East”

Rosie Hernandez, Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies, “Immaculate Conceptions:  The Religious Imagination in Counter-Reformation Spain”

Mitch Hendrickson, Anthropology Department, “The Two Buddhist Towers:  Identifying Material Evidence of the Mahayana to Theravada Transition at Preah Khan of Kompong Svay, Cambodia (11th to 16th c AD)”

Johari Jabir, Department of African-American Studies, “Dorsey Convention:  Gospel Archive and Oral History Project”

Chris Mazza, English Department, “Turnaround:  A Fictional Memoir Film”

Nasser Mufti, English Department, “Partition:  A Civil War by Other Means”

Kim Potowski, Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies, “Maximizing Latino Spanish Proficiency Through Dual Language Education”

Robin Reames, English Department, “The Platonic Scholia of Gorgias 464b-466a and the Research of W.H. Thompson”

Heidi Schlipphacke, Department of Germanic Studies, “Before the Family:  Kinship in the Early Enlightenment German Novel”

Joseph Tabbi, English Department, “The "Electronic Book Review," the Consortium on Electronic Literature, and the Common Search Protocol Within an Expanded Literary Corpus”

Elaine J. Yuan, Department of Communication, “Cyber Nationalism in Contemporary China”

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