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LAS Dean's Award for Faculty Research  
Faculty Research Awards:  Jan 2014 Competition

Mahrad Almotahari, Philosophy Department, “Is Anything Just Plain Good?”

Brian S. Bauer, Anthropology Department, “Continued Archival Research on Mercury Mining in Colonial Peru”

Molly Doane, Anthropology Department, “Meaningful Markets: The Culture and Politics of Fair Trade Coffee”

Malgorzata Fidelis, History Department, “The Sixties behind the Iron Curtain: Youth Cultures and the Search for Freedom in Poland, 1954-1974”

Patrick Fortmann, Germanic Studies, “Conceiving Kafka: Writing and Life in Passages (Monograph)”

Anna Guevarra and Gayatri Reddy, Asian American Studies Gender and Women's Studies / Anthropology Departments, “"Bumbay" Bibingka: Culinary Crosscurrents and a Tale of Three Cities”

Rama Sundari Mantena, History Department, “Between Empire and Nation: The Region in Twentieth-Century India”

Greg Matoesian, Criminology, Law and Justice Department, “Multifunctionality of Beat Gestures during Closing Argument”

Dianna Niebylski, Hispanic and Italian Studies Department, “Poverty and Globalization in Contemporary Latin American Literature and the Arts”

Anna Roosevelt, Anthropology Department, “The Art of Divide and Rule: Iconographies of Violence in Central Africa”

Daniel Sutherland, Philosophy Department, “Kant's Philosophy of Mathematics: A Science of Magnitudes”

Jennifer Tobin, Classics and Mediterranean Studies and History Department, “Excavation of the Roman Bath at Bir Madhkur, Jordan”

Yue Zhang, Political Science Department, “Chinese Imperial Examination System as a Channel of Political Socialization: The Story of Chinese Jews in Kaifeng”

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