UIC Institute for the Humanities

Institute for the Humanities 2013–2014 Faculty Fellows

Ralph Cintron, Associate Professor, Department of English and Department of Latin American and Latino Studies
“Democracy as Fetish: Ethnographic Instances/Rhetorical Speculations”
David Hilbert, Professor, Department of Philosophy
“Berkeley's Political Metaphysics: Immaterialism and Social Change”

Cedric Johnson, Associate Professor, Departments of African-American Studies and Political Science
“Harold Cruise: Biography of a Black Intellectual”

Kim Potowski, Associate Professor, Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies
“'Do You Bleed Salsa or Sofrito?': Inter-Latino Language and Identity among 'MexiRicans'”

Daniel Sutherland, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy
“Kant's Mathematical Philosophy”

Sultan Tepe, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
“New Political Theologies of Islam: Contested Interpretations and the Transformative Ideas of Islamic Groups”

Institute for the Humanities 2013–2014 Dissertation Fellows

Ryan Brooks, Dissertation Fellow, Department of English
" 'Feel your pain': Neoliberalism  and Social Form in Contemporary American Fiction"

Burkay T. Ozturk, Dissertation Fellow, Department of Philosophy
"Scientific Realism and Pessimistic Meta-Induction"

Chancellor’s Initiative in the Humanities Post-Doctoral Fellow

Ariela Zycherman, Columbia University, Applied Anthropology
“The Changing Value of Food:  Development, Diet and Labor among the Tsimané in Lowland Bolivia”
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