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The Working Group “Alterities” will host speakers and, potentially, workshops, exploring the social practices and processes that create forms of difference, the cultural attitudes that shape and are shaped by perceived differences, and the ways that real and imagined differences are expressed in words and images. 

Forum for Research on Law, Politics, and the Humanities (FROLPATH)

Research in a range of disciplines has focused on institutional formations, legal structures, political rhetorics, and social identities. This forum seeks to bring together scholars who approach these issues from a variety of perspectives.
Class Dismissed?
Historians have chronicled the last days of the working class, post-Marxists have questioned the contemporary relevance of the concept of class, and neoliberal economists have denied there ever were such things as classes. This working group, bringing together historians, literary critics, and political theorists, will focus on both the history of class and especially its relevance (if any) at the present time.

Chicago Area Food Studies
This group brought together scholars from a variety of disciplines and institutions to discuss issues in the politics, culture, and history of food.

Digital Humanities
The digital humanities has opened new possibilities for interdisciplinary work and collaborative practice. This group brings together faculty, staff, and graduate students to explore new media and technology in the creation of humanities scholarship and in the development of new means to communicate research to colleagues, students, and the wider public.

Documentary Studies
The purpose of this working group is to examine the link between documentary work and traditional scholarship and to create a space where an interdisciplinary group of thinkers and practitioners, from UIC and beyond, can regularly come together to share work, exchanges ideas, and expand the boundaries of their practice.

Narrative Nonfiction

Postcolonial Studies
The Post Colonial Studies Group fosters discussions on issues related to the field of postcolonial studies, including topics as varied as post-colonial, post-hegemonic, transnational, globalization, diaspora, migration and gender studies, as well as related theories.

Publics, Cultures and Practices of Difference

Trans-Displacements: Migration, Gentrification, and Citizenship
This group explored the relationship between the displacement of migration, gentrification, and citizenship.

Reading the Anthropocene
This organized reading group met to read and discuss critical works in environmental history and the humanistic environmental studies.

Urbanism Across Places, Space, Disciplines
 The Urbanism working group promotes shared contributions to thinking about the urban and cities in different parts of the world, exploring methodological and theoretical difference and commonalities among disciplines. 

Visual Culture
This forum fostered an interdisciplinary discussion about issues of vision, visuality, and visual culture. The goal was to develop a dialogue among scholars studying vision as a biological/physical operation, those researching and writing about visual objects both contemporary and historical, and artists creating original work.
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