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A follow-up to the Immigration Working Group, The Global Migration Working Group will debate and explore from within an interdisciplinary lens important aspects of migration affecting the life and well-being of migrants, refugees and stateless persons in the United States and, more broadly, the overall dynamics of migration in the Western Hemisphere. Among the topics we would like to discuss are refugee resettlement and integration; migrant identity; deportation; detention conditions for migrants; and security and migration. The workshop seeks to become a referent point for the discussion of migration affairs among scholars and activists in Chicago and the larger Midwest.


Noelle Brigden: Transnational Im/mobilities and the Social Imagination of Borders  Add To Calendar

Noelle Brigden, Marquette University Lecture: Transnational Im/mobilities and the Social Imagination of Borders: Visualizing Globalization and Fragmentation from El Salvador to the United States

March 15, 2018

2 - 4 PM

The people of El Salvador have been experiencing a reordering of nation-state control over territory in two different, but inexorably linked contexts: the transnational migration corridor from Central America through Mexico and the United States, and a fragmented urban environment controlled by street gangs. Linking the lived experience of clandestine border crossings with the experience of the fragmented city, I explore variation in the social imagination of multiple borders: boundaries set by street gangs, boundaries set by nation-states, and boundaries set by gated communities. In this paper, I draw on preliminary fieldwork to outline an approach for understanding citizenship within the dual context of globalization and fragmentation.

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Andreas Feldmann, Latin American and Latino Studies and Political Science 

Amalia Pallares, Latin American and Latino Studies and Political Science

Adam Goodman, History and Latin American and Latino Studies

Patrisia Macias, Sociology and Latin American and Latino Studies
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