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Working Group on Immigration Present

Immigration: Politics, Law and Culture in
A Global World
The Working Group on Immigration will host a series of workshops for graduate students and faculty that seek to understand immigration and transnationalism at the intersection of politics, law and culture. We will be exploring the impact of globalization on immigration in relation to broader notions of cohabitation, [re]distribution of resources, recognition, shared precariousness, changing roles of nation/states and citizenship. Additionally, we examine questions regarding the ways in which immigration is framed as a problem that disrupts the social cohesion and identity of the host and home community/country, as well as the ways in which immigration revitalizes and transforms the economy, politics and culture of the host/home community.  These workshops are aimed at bringing together faculty and graduate students to read and discuss scholarly works on immigration.



Andreas Feldmann, Latin American and Latino Studies and Political Science 
Amalia Pallares, Latin American and Latino Studies and Political Science
Ralph Cintron, English and Latin American and Latino Studies

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