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Precarity: Labor, Violence, Immigration, and the Environment

Generally defined as a condition of existence without predictability or security, precarity has been a subject of growing interest among humanists and social scientists. As a political term, precarity refers to living and working conditions without any guarantees. Since the 1980s, the term was increasingly used by scholars of labor to describe a variety of forms of flexible exploitation in the neoliberal era. The effect of “precarity” transcends the problematics of employment insecurity, however, as it is clear from recent scholarship on different forms of political, social, and ecological vulnerability. This series of events aims at exposing scholarly and non-scholarly audiences to recent work on the troubling relationship between capitalism and the creation and reproduction of vulnerability, marginality and  suffering under neoliberalism.

Organizers, Cosponsors, and Partners

Series Organizer: UIC Latin American and Latino Studies Program
Cosponsored with the UIC  for the Humanities


Latino Cultural Center
Department of History
Department of Anthropology
Department of Hispanic Studies
School of Literatures, Cultural Studies, and Linguistics

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Casa Michoacan

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