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fellows lectures

1999-2000 Institute Fellows Lectures

All events take place from 3 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Jamie Owen Daniel, Assistant Professor of English
"Strategies of Detachment: Representing Class and Subjectivity in Modernist Fiction between the Wars"

Todd DeStigter, Assistant Professor of English 
"Intimate Publics: An Alternative School as Activist Community"

Nicholas Huggett, Assistant Professor of Philosophy 
"High Energy Metaphysics: Philosophical Implications of Contemporary Quantum Physics"

Edward Jurkowitz, Assistant Professor of History
"Managing Theoretical Dispersion: Aspects of the Transition from Classical to Quantum Physics, 1870-1948"

Lawrence H. Keeley, Professor of Anthropology
"Other Frontiers: Non-Western Settlement Frontiers"

David P. Jordan, Professor of History
"Napolean as Revolutionary"

James J. Sack, Professor of History
"From Conservative to Unionist: Reaction and Orthodoxy in Britain, 1832-1895"

Margarita Saona, Assistant Professor of Spanish 
"National Family Romances: Family and National Identity in Contemporary Latin American Novels"

Sylvia Vatuk, Professor of Anthropology 
"Muslim Women in the Religious and Civil Courts of India: 1798-1998"

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