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fellows lectures

1987-1988 Institute Fellows Lectures

All events take place from 3 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Susan Tax Freeman, Dept. of Anthropology
"Marginality and Nationality in Spanish Culture"

William A. Hoisington, Jr., Dept. of History
"A Vision of Empire: Marshal Hubert Lyautey and French Imperialism"

William G. Jones, Library 
"The Chain of Scholarly Communication"

Shelly Kagan, Dept. of Philosophy
"The Nature of Reasons"

Rasma Karklins, Dept. of Political Science
"Political Change and Soviet Labor Camps Since Stalin"

Ned Lukacher, Dept. of English
"Mood, Aura, Catharsis: The Rhetoric of Purity from Aristotle to Heidegger"

Michael Perman, Dept of History
"The Southern Political Tradition"

Lawrence Poston, Dept. of English
"The English 1830s: A Case Study in Cultural Transitions"

David M. Sokol, Dept. of Architecture and Art
"American Literary Painting"

Margaret Strobel, Womens Studies Program
"Feminism in the 1970s: Socialist Feminism and the Women's Unions"

Sylvia Vatuk, Dept of Anthropology
"Cultural Response and Adaptation to Minority Status in Colonial and Post-Colonial South India: The Family of Muhammad Ghaus, 1752-1984"

Virginia Wright Wexman, Dept. of English 
"Hollywood Acting"

Stephen E. Wiberley, Jr., Library
"The Chain of Scholarly Communication"

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