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30th Anniversary Programs
A Series on "Crisis: Through the Lens of the Humanities"


We have heard considerable discussion lately about “the crisis in the Humanities.” But the UIC Institute for the Humanities will focus its 30th anniversary programming instead on how crisis appear through the lens of the humanities and ways that humanities help us understand the origins, nature, and scope of crisis. Our programming will explore the ideas, languages, and values that have defined and shaped institutional as well as individual responses to crises across time and place.

"Crisis: Oil and Water"  Add To Calendar

Toby Jones, Rutgers University, author of Desert Kingdom: How Oil and Water Forged Modern Saudi Arabia (Harvard University Press 2010)
  • Date(s): Wednesday, 10/24 3:00 PM to Wednesday, 10/24 5:00 PM
  • Campus Address: Lower Level, Stevenson Hall
  • Address: 701 South Morgan Street
  • Location: Institute for the Humanities, Lower Level, Stevenson Hall
  • Contact: Linda Vavra
  • Email: huminst@uic.edu
  • Phone: 312-996-6354
"Oil and Water"
How have crises in key resources like oil and water shaped local, national and international identities and policies?
30th Anniversary Event.

Public Lecture: Toby Jones

Toby Jones

Associate Professor of History,
Rutgers University

Lecture title: “Devil's Bargain: Oil, Water, and Tyranny in Saudi Arabia"
Lecture at 4 PM in the Institute for the Humanities, lower level Stevenson Hall, 701 South Morgan.

This program will explore how crises in key resources like oil and water have shaped local, national and international identities and policies. Here in Chicago we sit at the hub of the Great Lakes Waterway containing 21% of the planet’s fresh water resources. The city’s water supply is part
of an inter-state and international system of relationships and compacts. As oil and water become increasingly endangered and contested resources these relationships are key to averting significant environmental, economic, and political crises.

Dinner conversation to follow in Jane Addams- Hull-House Dining Room with Rachel Havrelock (UIC English/Jewish Studies), Neil Struchio (UIC Earth and Environmental Sciences), and Kaveh Ehsani (DePaul International Studies). This “Policy Dinner” is open to the public but space is limited.  Please RSVP by October 17 either online,  at huminst@uic.edu, or 312-996-6354.

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