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     Keynote 1

     Lawrence Hill: "Faction: Merging History and Fiction in Someone Knows My Name /The Book of Negroes
Recording             Transcript(.pdf)

     Keynote 2 

    Toyin Falola: "Africa in the Diaspora and the Diaspora in Africa: Towards an Integrated Body of Knowledge"

     Panel 1: Abolition, Freetown, and Empire

   Christopher Brown, Columbia University

     “The Origins of ‘Legitimate Commerce’ ”

   Alan Gilbert, University of Denver

    "Further thoughts on Black Patriots and Loyalists: Fighting for Emancipation in the  War for Independence"

   Kristin Mann, Emory University

   "Abolition, Empire, and the Migration of Sierra Leonean Re-captives and  Brazilian Freed People to Lagos”

   Moderator: James Searing, UIC History       
     Recording           Transcript(.pdf)

     Panel 2: Black Atlantic in the Age of Revolution
    W. Bryan Rommel-Ruiz, Colorado College

     “The Politics of Festivals: Racial Consciousness, West Indian Emancipation   Festivals, and Historical Agency in the Nineteenth Century Black Atlantic”

    Sibylle Fischer, New York University

    “Republicanism and Race in the Revolutionary Atlantic”

     Moderator:  Corey Capers, UIC History and African American Studies
     Recording           Transcript(.pdf)

    Panel 3: Caribbean and Black Atlantic Thought

   Sean X. Goudie, Pennsylvania State University

   “Mixed up in America's business: The Past Future of US-Caribbean Literary Relations"

   Matthew J. Smith, University of the West Indies-Mona, Jamaica

   "Everywhere Alone: Exile in Nineteenth Century Haitian History."

    Moderators:  Sunil Agnani, UIC English and History

                        Natasha Barnes, UIC English and African American Studies                                                              
       Recording                   Transcript(.pdf)

    Panel 4:  Colonial Legacy and Future of Sierra Leone

   Arthur Abraham, Virginia State University

   “The Mende in Sierra Leone's Past and Future"

   Joseph Bangura, Kalamazoo College

    “The Temne in Sierra Leone's Past and Future”

   Moderator: Dick Simpson, UIC Political Science
    Recording             Transcript(.pdf)


     Panel 5:  Race, Racism, Memory and the Legacy of Slavery 

   Anthony Bogues, Brown University
  “Slavery and Emancipation in the Making of the Modern World : What about Freedom?”
   Ana Lucia Araujo, Howard University

   “Shadows of the Slave Past: Public Memory and Heritage of Slavery"

   Susan Robeson, Higher Ground Enterprises

    “Maroons, Historical Memory and the Legacy of Slavery”

   Moderator:  Barbara Ransby, UIC History, African American Studies and Gender and Women’s Studies 
      Recording                Transcript(.pdf)

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