UIC Institute for the Humanities


The Institute for the Humanities
The Medical Humanities Program
The Chicago Seminar
and The Gender and Women’s Studies Program 
at the University of Illinois at Chicago
present a conference:

The Vulnerable Citizen:
Surveillance and Privacy in Everyday Life
October 19-20, 2001

The conference will focus on perceptions of vulnerability in everyday life in the United States. Speakers will explore the following issues: the paradoxical role of the state as regulator and guardian; voyeurism and confessionalism; technologies of surveillance, including medical, racial, consumer, and criminal profiling; monitoring in the home and workplace; and the strategic use of space to regulate movement, time and desire.

Meeting Rooms A, B and C, Student Services Building (SSB), 1220 W. Harrison
The University of Illinois at Chicago

Friday, October 19, 2001

1:00 p.m. 
Registration and coffee

2:00 p.m. 

2:15 3:30 p.m.
Plenary Session
Richard Sennett, London School of Economics 
"The Culture of Dependency"

3:45-5:15 p.m.
Panel One: Regulating Space
Dennis R. Judd, University of Illinois at Chicago
"Walling in Everyday Life: The Four Enclosures of Urban Space"
Evan C. McKenzie, University of Illinois at Chicago 
"Private Governments and Fortified Enclaves in Post-Liberal America"
Susan S. Fainstein, Rutgers University 
"Fences Sometimes Make Good Neighbors"

5:15 p.m.

6:00 pm.

7:00 p.m.
Plenary Session
Wendy Kaminer, author and social critic 
"Be Careful What You Wish For: The Cultural and Political Embrace of Surveillance"
(It will be possible to attend the 7:00 plenary session without purchasing a dinner ticket)

Saturday, October 20

9:45 am

10:00-11:30 a.m.
Panel Two: Monitoring Everyday Life
Lynn M. Paltrow, National Advocates for Pregnant Women
"Punishment and Prejudice: Judging Drug-Using Pregnant Women"
David Stovall, University of Illinois at Chicago
"Classroom Surveillance: Ritalin as Agent of Classroom Control"
Frances E. Dolan, Miami University of Ohio
"Battered Women, Petty Traitors, and the State"
Stephen Katz, Trent University
"Profiling the Lifecourse: The Aging-Market and the Posthuman `Senior' Body"

11:30 am

1:15-2:30 p.m.
Plenary Session
Randall L. Kennedy, Harvard University Law School 
"Racial Profiling: Citizens, Police and the Uniform of Race"

2:45-4:15 p.m.
Panel Three: Surveillance and Citizenship
Sonya Michel, University of Illinois at Chicago
"The State Abhors a Vacuum: Filling In the 'Missing Fathers' in Single-Mother Households"
Douglas C. Baynton, University of Iowa
"The Inspection Line: Disabled Immigrants in the American Imagination"
Michael S. Sherry, Northwestern University
"'The Homintern in the Arts': Scandal Journalism and the Surveillance of Queer Artists during the American Cold War"

Conference Organizing Committee: Lennard Davis, English Department, Disability and Human Development; Dennis Judd, The Chicago Seminar, Political Science Department; Sonya Michel, Gender and Women’s Studies Program; Timothy Murphy, Medical Humanities Program; Suzanne Poirier, Medical Humanities Program; Mary Beth Rose, Institute for the Humanities, English Department; Linda Vavra, Institute for the Humanities.

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