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The Chancellor’s Initiative in the Humanities is intended to highlight the creative and cutting edge scholarship in the humanities at UIC.

Food studies highlights research and practice across disciplines within the Liberal Arts and across Colleges at UIC.   Issues such as hunger, obesity, food deserts, and school lunches, for example, link public health and nutrition to the study of human history, culture and behavior. How to tackle hunger in urban neighborhoods involves (among other fields) social policy, race and ethnic studies, urban sociology, and gender studies. Food Studies also links the local with the global as researchers seek solutions to the problems of food security and food aid, development and agricultural systems, and health and nutrition around the world. The Humanities are uniquely situated to explore historical and cultural contexts and to facilitate connections among researchers, students, and practitioners.



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The Institute for the Humanities Chicago Area Food Studies Working Group

This group brings together scholars from a variety of disciplines and institutions to discuss issues in the politics, culture, and history of food.

Post-Doctoral Humanities Fellowships in Food Studies
for 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 academic years (co-sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences).


The April 2013 international, interdisciplinary conference on "Food Justice"

This conference brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars to explore issues of food justice in historical context as well as in terms of contemporary policy debates

New Work in Food Studies 

The UIC Institute for the Humanities is proud to host a special series, “New Research in Food Studies.”  Food Studies is rapidly becoming an important field of research in the humanities. Inherently interdisciplinary, food studies addresses a range of issues including the history, culture, politics, of food as well as questions of environment, agriculture, globalization and social justice.   




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