Digital Humanities Initiative

The Digital Humanities Initiative is a collaborative effort between the UIC Institute for the Humanities and the UIC Library, with awarded funding as of spring 2019.  Please visit the new DHI site to see resources and projects: This initiative has three parts:

  1. Dr. Hannah Huber appointed first Postdoctoral Research Associate in Digital Humanities. Dr. Huber will coordinate Digital Humanities programing, deliver a seminar and lecture based on her own digital humanities work, and help guide digital humanities work for faculty and students.
  2. Augmenting the capabilities for a greater digital scholarship presence on the UIC campus to bring the scholarly work of faculty and students in all disciplines up-to-date and pave the way for future projects. Visit the Digital Scholarship Hub in the Richard J. Daley Library to experience resources for digital humanities, digital scholarship, scholarly publishing, geographic information system (GIS) and other projects. Equipment available includes GIS data visualization displays, 3D printers, a laser cutter, computers with software for data and text mining and more. Visitors to the Hub can meet with librarians and the Digital Humanities Initiative's Postdoctoral Research Associate in Digital Humanities Hannah Huber, Ph.D., as well as other experts.
  3. Funding two works shops in the digital humanities for students and faculty, including the upcoming "Digital Humanities in Practice: Project Development and Digital Pedagogy" (event and registration link here) as well as "Resources and Visibility in Digital Humanities," a full conference on April 29-30, 2020 that will offer high level academic discourse combined with innovative research methods. Please see the Digital Humanities Initiative webpage for registration link.