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Fellows Lectures Archive (1994-1995)

Eric Arnesen, African American Studies and History
“The color and Solidarity: Black Railroad Labor’s Quest for Equality, 1870-1970”

Steven Fanning, Dept. of History
“Words of Power: Concepts of Kingdom and Empire in the Roman World and in Early Medieval Europe”

Thomas N. Hall, Dept. of English
“The Literary Witness to the Anglo-Saxon Missions in Scandinavia”

Doug Ischar, School of Art and Design
“American Love”

Peggy McCracken, Dept. of Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese
“The Old French Romance of Adultery”

Marian Sperberg McQueen, Dept. of German
“What Rosina Learned at the Theater: Feminist Readings of Plays Staged in Breslau Between 1661 and 1700”

Virginia Wright Wexman, Dept. of English
“Compromising Positions: Hollywood Authorship and the Cultural Construction of the Artist”

Terence Whalen, Dept. of English
“Southern Culture of the Skids: Literature, Production, and the War of Representation in Antebellum America”