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Fellows Lectures Archive (1990-1991)

Susan Guettel Cole, Dept. of History
“Bodies of Water: Ritual Constructions of the Female in the Ancient Greek City”

Carolyn Edie, Dept. of History
“Monarchy Refashioned: Charles II and the Re-creation of the Public Image of Monarchy”

Robert L. Hall, Dept. of Anthropology
“Remembering the Honored Dead in North American Indian Belief and Ritual”

Sona Stephan Hoisington, Dept. of Salvic and Baltic Languages and Literatures
“Zamyatin and the Creation of a Modernist Aesthetic”

Clark Hulse, Dept. of English
“Holbein, Wyatt, Death and Metaphor”

Constance C. Meinwald, Dept. of Philosophy
“Plato’s Late Dialogues: The Philebus”

A. LaVonne Brown Ruoff, Dept. of English
“History of American Indian Literature Written in English”

Leroy Shaw, Dept. of German
“New German Biography: Rebirth or Unwitting Suicide?”