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Fellows Lectures Archive (1984-1985)

Isaac D. Balbus, Dept. of Political Science
“Neither Marx nor Foucault: The Role of the Acquisition and Communication of Knowledge in the Transformation of American Child-Rearing”

Mary Carruthers, Dept. of English
“Memory and the Creation of Time in Middle English Narrative”

Michael Friedman, Dept. of Philosophy
“The Possibility of Objective Knowledge: Kantian Themes in Science and Philosophy”

Doris Graber, Dept. of Political Science
“Political Television: Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?”

Ralph Haber, Dept. of Psychology
“Memory: Man’s Personal Historian”

Clark Hulse, Dept. of English
“Poetry and Painting in the Elizabethan Renaissance”

Michael D. Lieber, Dept. of Anthropology
“Polynesian Theories of Knowledge”

Christian K. Messenger, Dept. of English
“The Authority of the Signifier: How Popular Fiction Means”

R. Stephen Warner, Dept. of Sociology
“Social Institutions, Social Movement, and Religious Ideology”